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PORTable PORTico

Lightweight structured portico and public event space with various scenarios in the historical town square

Beşçeşmeler, in Maltepe district, is one of the rare neighbourhoods in Istanbul that still resists preserving its old texture with wooden bay windows, single or two-storey houses with gardens, narrow streets with cobblestones and plane trees, named after the historical water fountain with 5 faucets, Beşçeşmeler, literally meaning five-fountains. However, the presence of irregular construction and inconsistent interventions overshadow the unique texture of this locality.

The aim of this project is to make the said urban space suitable for public use again without privatizing it, while making the space and the facades that define it legible, and giving an architectural & spatial response without ignoring the existing commercial & economic character and their needs.

In addition to mostly fixed elements such as the portico and single cube units that will be used daily, various operating scenarios such as concerts, open-air cinemas, festivals, exhibitions, markets, fairs have been defined for this installation, which consists of a combination of steel scaffolding and tarpaulins, is lightweight structured, can be walked under, generally open but has indoor areas, allowing the perception of the structure behind it, and which if necessary can be dismantled, expand towards the square or be pulled back.


Beşçeşmeler, Maltepe, Istanbul

Public space + urban design


Architectural Project Studio II

@ Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University


Kaya Sönmezler

Taybuğa Aybars Mamalı


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