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The illustration I made for the December 5th, Women's Rights Day for the glassware brand LAV Turkey (@lavturkiye).

👩🏻‍💼 In 1923, when the Republic of Turkey was not yet declared, Nezihe Muhiddin and her 13 friends decided to establish a women's committee to defend women's rights. At the meeting, a decision was made to establish a party called the Women's People Party. The party, which was led by Nezihe Hanım, became the first political party in the history of the Republic by completing its foundation studies and submitting its founding petition, even before the establishment of the Republican People's Party. However, since women did not have the right to vote and be elected at that time, the founding petition was rejected by the governorship. But this decision does not intimidate Nezihe Muhiddin and her friends. Upon this decision, they established the Turkish Women's Union.


🗳 The struggle for women's right to vote and to be elected, on the other hand, started with participating in the municipal elections first and then becoming the headman in the villages, under the leadership of the founder of our republic, Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, and was won with the law amendment made in the Constitution and Election Law on December 5, 1934.

details from the illustration

initial and final sketches

illustration process

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